July 2019

The Science Behind Puppy Eyes

Why does it seem like everything good or cute in the world has a scientific explanation. In love? Those are just good hormones and chemicals pumping through your brain. Think puppies are cute? They've only evolved that way to get more from us! It's totally unfair, and if you think about it for too long it will have you questioning everything you love in the world.

Flower Unit Studies

Since I'm a homeschooling mom, you can bet I love unit studies. Unit studies are a great way to learn a lot about a topic, especially if you make them immersive. Only Passionate Curiosity had a unit study up about flowers that I thought I would share with the gardening folks here at Garden Report! This is a great resource to use if you're sharing flower knowledge with grandkids, children you teach, your own kids or even want to devise a way to learn more about flowers yourself. 

Lavender Drinks

What is it about the fullness of midsummer that makes us turn to lavender? It's got such a refreshing quality, especially when paired with lemon or even vanilla scents. It's perfect for oiling or scenting your home, as well as for blending into cocktails! Lavender drinks are an excellent idea for July and August refreshment.

Study Finds Women Equally Intelligent

A study has been published that says women are now seen as intelligent as men by the majority of people. This news did not make headlines until 2019. It's a bit insulting that it took this long, don't you think? Given how so many politicians treat us--and believe they know better for us than we do, or even our doctors do--it really shouldn't be so surprising.

Women Who Made Walking On The Moon Possible

The men who actually landed on the moon made some pretty irritating jokes about women in space, but women are who made it possible for them to land there in the first place. Many women were involved not only with the moon landing, but with all of NASA's projects since. Everyone from secretaries to MIT-trained scientist Margaret Hamilton deserve recognition, and don't even get us started on the women of color who were hidden from history for decades.

Horror Movies Of The 80s

Are you a lover of horror movies? If so, you might want to check out this list of the best underrated scary movies of the 80s. Some of them, like Pupper Master, are considered classics in my circle, but others, like Chopping Mall, are totally new to me. Evil Dead, I would argue, is a cult classic; it's been adapted several times since then, including comics and a musical version.

Dessert Cocktails

Whether you have a sweet tooth or you're just looking for a really fun way to cool off, boozy desserts are the way to go. So many of them even include ice cream, and what could be better than that? A summr granita featuring Bailey's sounds completey irrisistable, and I definitely needs these s'mores pudding shots in my life. Liquor.com has seven of these scrumptious recipes you can try out before the summer's through.

The Best Cat Jokes

Cat jokes and memes are some of the best entertainment we have, don't you think? Cats are so funny already, so it makes perfect sense for their behavior, when explained or even roasted, to be just as entertaining. Whether you like jokes about how cats "own" their humans, how cats are jerks or how they differ from dogs, they are some of the funniest, and often even the cleanest, jokes around.

The Pink Door

Where can you enjoy fantastic entertainment alongside classic Italian fare? The Pink Door, of course! The thought of their arancini makes my stomach growl, and their salumi platter will make you feel like royalty. You can enjoy just about any pasta at The Pink Door, from trofie or lasangna to linguine or risotto. Of course you can get fresh seafood, as well as specialties like lavender-glazed lamb. Yum! It really doesn't get more decadent than this.

Funko Pop Game Coming Soon

Any geek worth their salt either has or wants a collection of Funko Pops, the little figures that represent our favorite pop culture icons. They have "pops" for everything from Disney characters to the Netflix characters of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, so there is definitely something for everyone. That's why it's so exciting that fans will now be able to enjoy their favorite pops in a board game.