June 2019

Nuclear Reactors 688 - The Market For Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors Is Booming

       Three trends are having a serious impact on the nuclear power sector. First, the growth of renewable power sources combined with their falling costs have reduced investor interest in nuclear power. Second, the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan in March of 2011 shuttered a number of nuclear power plants until expensive safety upgrades could be made.

Nuclear Reactors 687 - U.S. Is Considering Imposing Quotas On Uranium Imports For National Security

        President Trump intends to meet with his Cabinet in the near future. They will be discussing recommendations from the U. S. Commerce Department (CD) that he received in April. The CD suggested that firm quotas be established on uranium imports because of national security. Major U.S.

Cool Mug Reveals Space Facts

My teen has a neat mug that reveals constellations when it gets warm. It's just a bunch of random stars until that occurs. Unfortunately it was put in the dishwasher and now it's falling apart, but it was a neat mug! I just stumbled upon this mug that reveals facts about space and thought it would be a pretty neat gift in the future, too. It has planets instead of constellations, but it's in beautiful colors with fun facts that show up when it gets hot.

Nuclear Weapons 688 - Russians Claim That Terrorists Are Stealing Russian Weapons In Syria


Emblem of the Security Council of the Russian Federation

        This week, an international security forum is being held in the Russian city of Ufa. At the forum, Russian officials claimed that terrorist groups are attempted to steal advanced weapons technology from Russian military facilities in Syria. According to the Russian hosts, at least one member of the U.S. National Security Council attended the meeting. The White House will not confirm that any U.S.

Nuclear Weapons 687 - Estimates Of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal

dimona_(israel) (1).jpg

Satellite image of Shimon Peres Negev Nuclear Research Center:

        For decades, the international community has been confident that Israel has nuclear warhead and the means to deliver them. Up until this year, Israel has refused to make any public statement with respect to the existence of an Israeli nuclear arsenal.

Nuclear Fusion 59 - Princeton Satellite Systems Working On A Nuclear Fusion Engine For Spacecraft

       A great deal of research is going into developing better engines for deep space exploration. Even the best chemical engines are limited. Ion engines are just being deployed. They have minute thrust but can run for long periods of time to build up respectable thrust.